Ein Möbellift lehnt an der Fassade eines älteren Mehrfamilienhauses

The furniture lift: soar high with your removal company

Do you live in an old building on the fourth or fifth floor? Is your staircase too narrow for larger furniture, cupboards and wardrobes? That’s no problem for Umzüge Mansholt, because with our furniture lifts we guarantee a successful move, effectively and quickly, even if you want to go up high and it gets tight.

The furniture elevator: protecting furniture and buildings

By using a furniture elevator or furniture hoist, we protect your furniture from damage on the one hand, and minimize the risk of damage to stairs, walls or floors on the other. Trust us to move your valuable furniture safely to its destination without any problems.

Our trained specialists know how to safely operate our furniture elevators and furniture elevators to ensure the smooth transportation of your furniture. We focus on professionalism and care with every move and transport your furniture carefully up to a height of 21 meters. For anything above this height, we require prior consultation in order to provide the right furniture elevator.

Ein Mansholt Umzugswagen steht vor einem hohen Bürogebäude, an dessen Fassade ein Möbellift nach oben führt.

Be flexible with the furniture lifts from Umzüge Mansholt

Our teams have four furniture lifts at their disposal, so it is very unlikely that scheduling might overlap. It is important to us that you can carry out your move whenever and however you want.

Contact the removal consultants at Umzüge Mansholt, your removal company for private removal, company removal, or for storage. We will discuss your wishes and the circumstances with you on site and work with you to find the optimal solution for your move from the second, third, fourth or even higher floor!