Umzüge Mansholt: competent and professional project logistics

We refer to more extensive removals under difficult conditions as “project removals”. Project removals require special project logistics, where significantly more trucks, transport equipment, and personnel are needed to successfully complete the relocation within an existing time frame.

Ein Umzugswagen der Firma Mansholt wird auf der Autobahn von eoem PKW überholt

Umzüge Mansholt carries out removals of between 500 and 1,000 cubic meters almost every month and removals of significantly more than 1,000 cubic meters several times a year. Extensive special transports and heavy load transports with special project logistics are also part of our routine business. We employ experienced project managers for this purpose and provide our customers with a feasibility analysis before the large move, for example with a heavy load transport, in order to demonstrate that we can keep to the relevant project move within the given schedule. Special packing materials such as elevator linings and destination stickers complete our equipment. An emergency concept is also always prepared within the project logistics in order to react to unpredictable events at short notice in certain situations.

What does project logistics include?

  • Project planning: This is the first step in project logistics. It determines how the relocation is to take place, what resources are required and when is a suitable date, for example if weather conditions need to be taken into account. Planning also includes setting targets and budgets.
  • Location analysis: A careful analysis of the current location and the target location is important. This includes an assessment of the spatial conditions, accessibility and other site-specific factors.
  • Resource planning: The allocation of personnel, vehicles, packaging materials and other resources is an important part of project logistics. This includes determining the number of employees, trucks, transport containers and so on, that are required.
  • Transport planning: Selecting the best means of transport and routes is one of the key factors in carrying out a heavy load or a special transport efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. This can include the use of low-loaders, ships, or cranes, for example, depending on the requirements of the project.
  • Scheduling: Setting a precise schedule is necessary to ensure that the removal will be completed on time. This includes setting start and end dates for the move and planning intermediate steps.
  • Risk management: Moving companies must identify potential risks, especially in project logistics, and take measures to minimize them. This can include accidents, damage to goods or delays during transportation.
Ein Gabelstapler belädt einen Umzugswagen von Mansholt mit gut verpackten Paletten

Project logistics with the expertise of our most experienced employees

Project logistics at moving companies such as Umzüge Mansholt means careful planning, coordination and organization to ensure that removals run smoothly and that the customer is satisfied. Project logistics can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. That’s why we rely on the experience and expertise of our long-standing, competent employees. You can rely on them too and contact us for an initial consultation, followed by a free on-site visit if you wish.