Employee relocations for churches and church institutions

Staff relocations for churches and church institutions are a recurring occurrence for pastors and their relatives in the context of a change of residence required for official purposes. In the case of such employee relocations by the churches, the respective pastors have been receiving an allowance for relocation expenses since December 1st 1997, in accordance with the Church Relocation Expenses Act, or KUKG for short. This applies, for example, in the case of employee relocations by the church to move into a service apartment, the so-called parsonage. Other possible reasons for employee relocations by churches are the start of the preparatory service or the retirement of a pastor.

Innenraum einer Kirche
Das Team von Umzüge Mansholt vor Umzugs-Lkw, Transportern und Autos

Advantages for pastors: with Umzüge Mansholt

Pastors benefit from a whole range of advantages for the change of residence with Umzüge Mansholt on their side. Let us convince you of our commitment to your private move:

  • competent and friendly team
  • moving expertise thanks to extensive experience of more than 25 years with moves of any kind – no matter if private moves, company moves or international moves
  • free inspection of the move and detailed advice for an all-round worry-free move
  • clear and non-binding cost estimate
  • relocations both within Germany and abroad
  • careful and professional preparation and execution of pastor moves
  • large fleet of machinery for all logistic services from one source – from piano transports to stove transports to the transport of other heavy as well as bulky goods and furniture
  • Numerous options for interim and storage of removal goods and files: short-, medium- and long-term in swap containers, special wooden boxes or our own storage facility
  • comprehensive moving services and additional services that leave nothing to be desired, for example kitchen and furniture assembly, waste disposal and provision of packing materials

Umzüge Mansholt helps with change of residence

Umzüge Mansholt is happy to help pastors with an upcoming change of residence to their new place of work. Contact our moving company in Ganderkesee near Bremen in Lower Saxony and use our services to arrive calmly in your new home as a pastor with Umzüge Mansholt. From our location in the north of the republic we accompany you within whole Germany as well as abroad, if it moves you to a new place of work. We have more than 25 years of experience with relocations of all kinds and are therefore familiar with the special features of employee relocations at the church. Benefit from this well-founded expertise of our energetic relocation helpers, who ensure an efficient execution with their commitment, so that your project is realized in a time-, cost- and above all nerve-saving way. Contact us and let us advise you on a customized move for your individual needs.