Moving services and additional services

Our relocation services and additional services for your move are extensive and flexible. Choose from our comprehensive range of services for your move exactly the services you need to start a new chapter in life relaxed.

Do you need assistance with the assembly and disassembly of your furniture? Do you lack the right packing materials for your company move? Do you have to clear out or is your apartment difficult to access? All this is not a problem for us, but a challenge we are happy to meet.

Umzug Mansholt offers services that leave nothing to be desired. Convince yourself and send us an inquiry!


We provide packaging material on loan and for purchase. Of course, we also deliver this.

Packing materials:

  • moving boxes
  • clothes boxes
  • wrapping and tissue paper
  • stretch film
  • bubble films
  • adhesive tapes
  • and much more …


As part of our various moving services, we offer disassembly & assembly of furniture and kitchens by trained personnel. The highest level of care and professionalism is our priority. All pieces of furniture are professionally labeled and packed. We also carry out assembly of new furniture for you.

Packing & unpacking service

As part of our “full service” removal, we offer the option of providing specialist packers before or during the removal who will pack all the household goods to be moved or “just” the glasses and tableware into boxes and, if required, unpack them back into the cupboards. This offers the advantage of increased protection from insurance but also less work for you personally.

We look forward to your inquiry!


We professionally dispose of all items that you no longer need and are therefore in your way. We also provide containers and sort them properly for you.


With our experienced team, your new home or property will be swept clean quickly and affordably. Even on weekends we take over these moving services and free your property of unwanted items and furniture. In addition, we are reliably at your side in the event of a senior citizen move or a move with a degree of care.

A case of death? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it with discretion – taking a load off your shoulders. So you can take care of the essential things.


If your move takes place on higher floors, we are of course prepared. For this purpose we use our furniture elevators and outdoor elevators. With them, we can get to about the seventh floor without any problems. Part of this moving service is also to transport individual heavy, bulky pieces of furniture, such as pianos, upstairs or downstairs, if the staircase is too narrow for this.

Piano transports and special transports

With a piano transport or a special transportation, we transport your piano or grand piano from point A to B. Even floors or storeys cannot stop us. We use special carrying straps and transport options for this.

Examples of heavy goods that we transport:

Safe transport

Safes require special requirements when moving and transporting due to their size and weight. We have comprehensive experience across all floors and all weight classes when it comes to moving safes in and out. We move safes of all weight classes to the destination of choice using a wide range of tools, from hydraulic lifts and electric hand trucks to forklift trucks and cranes.

Set up holding bans

In course of removals, it must be ensured that we can park and load as close as possible to the removal goods, especially in busy streets. To this end, no-stopping zones and the associated permits from the cities and districts are a compulsory requirement for a smooth move. We are happy to organise the corresponding service as part of a removal.