Lots of space in a swap body

The 18-ton truck of Umzüge Mansholt consists of a tractor unit, a trailer, and two swap bodies. The swap bodies of the truck are standardized containers that can be parked freely with the help of special supports. The tractor unit or trailer then drives away under the swap body, which remains in place. The advantage of swap bodies is obvious for both company relocations and private relocations: we are more flexible in the transportation of the swap bodies, as we can swap the tractor unit and trailer as required, for example when space is limited in residential areas for a private relocation, or when approaching docking stations for company relocations.

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A swap body with standardized dimensions:

  • Length: approx. 7.45 meters
  • Width: approx. 2.55 meters
  • Height: approx. 2.7 meters
  • Volume: approx. 50 cubic meters
  • Unloaded weight: approx. 2.3 tons
  • Payload: approx. 13.5 tons
  • Space for 17 standardized Euro pallets

Relocation with temporary storage: ideal with swap bodies

On the one hand, our swap bodies with truck and trailer enable the flexible transport of large quantities of removal goods (tractor unit and trailer together make 100 cubic meters of load), on the other hand, temporary storage of the removal goods in the swap bodies is also possible during the move – either on your premises or on ours – without blocking the mobile substructures for other operations. For long-distance transportation and larger volume requirements, the truck-trailer-swap body combination is the most practical and flexible solution.

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Umzüge Mansholt: Your moving company with swap bodies and trucks

Whether the use of our 18-tons truck with swap body is necessary and possible for your specific move is best clarified in advance by our experienced and competent team at Umzüge Mansholt. We will calculate the costs involved and provide you with comprehensive advice. As your local regional moving company, we take care of all aspects of your company or private relocation.