Vault transportations

Vault transportations with maximum security

Vault transports are one of the special jobs and are avoided by many moving companies. Umzüge Mansholt, in contrast, takes care of safes and hardboxes of various sizes and weights, so that your valuables get from point A to B safely. Thanks to our experience and special equipment, we are even prepared for vault transports with particularly heavy weights or over small staircases. So if you want to move privately or professionally and want your safe by your side, we are the right partner for you.

Different types of vault transportation

There exists a wide range of different vaults or safes. Our services include:

  • cash safes
  • data backup safes
  • document safes
  • wall safes
  • strongboxes
  • key safes
  • and many more!

Secure vault transport with Umzüge Mansholt

From private relocations to company relocations, we take care of your vault transports. Thanks to our regular work with heavy transports, we have enough experience as well as the appropriate equipment for this special load. Special stair robots and forklifts make our work easier and ensure that both the safe and the building are left in optimal condition. Let us know in advance what the conditions are so that we can gear up for vault transport. This includes the weight and dimensions of the safe, which you can usually read on the type plate directly on the safe, as well as the transport route. For the transport route, we need both the pick-up and delivery addresses as well as the floors and accesses to the safe in this case. Is the safe located on the first floor and can be taken directly outside via a terrace? Or is there a spiral staircase on the second floor that has to be overcome first? Thanks to our diverse experience from commercial moves, furniture storage or piano transports, we are the best moving company with which you can tackle your safe transports.