Kitchen assembly as a part of your move

At Umzüge Mansholt, we know that the kitchen is often the heart of a house and a household. That’s why people who move into a new home usually don’t want to do without their beloved kitchen – sometimes it’s simply a question of cost to hold on to the tried and tested kitchen and take it with them to their new home. Our service, which you can rely on, is the professional, proper dismantling of your kitchen at the place of departure and the corresponding professional kitchen installation at the destination. In very rare cases, a complete kitchen can be reused exactly as it was. In most cases, the space for the new kitchen has a different layout. In this case, our professionals not only carry out the move with kitchen installation, but also modify the worktop and cabinets to suit the changed dimensions of the new space.

Ein Monteur in blauer Latzhose montiert einen Hängeschrank

Furniture assembly from a specialist company

A smooth removal is more than just transporting furniture from one place to another. At Umzüge Mansholt, we take care of all aspects of a removal, including furniture assembly. That’s why we offer our comprehensive service, which not only includes the transportation of your furniture, but also the professional dismantling and safe move with furniture assembly in your new home. Our experienced teams pay attention to every single screw and detail to ensure that your furniture is in perfect condition in its new home. With us, your bed, closet, even wall units and shelves as well as televisions, washing machines and ceiling lamps are in the best of hands. After appropriate consultation and planning, a comprehensive move with furniture assembly is possible at any time.

Lamp installation by Umzüge Mansholt

As your moving company, we go above and beyond the standard moving service to ensure your move is as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our services include not only furniture assembly and kitchen installation, but also the professional dismantling and safe reassembly of ceiling lamps and lighting systems. What sets us apart is that our trained employees have even acquired the so-called “small” electrician’s license to carry out this task 100 percent competently and safely. You can rely on us to handle your lighting systems professionally so that your new home shines in a homely light right from the start. We’ll take care of the lamp installation so you can relax while we do the rest.

NNahansicht eines Akku-Schraubers, der gerade auf eine Schraube aufgesetzt wird

Lamp, furniture and kitchen assembly, all from a single source

Umzüge Mansholt carries out furniture assembly, kitchen assembly, lamp assembly and doweling work as part of your move. Talk to our removal consultants and arrange an appointment on site so that our specialists can get an idea of your job. We will then provide you with a transparent quote free of charge and without obligation.