Stove transportation

Stove transportations made easy

Transporting a stove is a special challenge during a move. The stove must be well packed and secured before transportation to prevent damage, to ensure that the stove will survive the transport in one piece and will arrive safely with you in your new home, where it will provide you with confidential warmth. For this purpose, we first recommend removing separate parts, such as viewing panels, side panels, the top panel or the door of the stove, before transport. On the one hand, this reduces the weight to be moved and, on the other hand, it minimizes the risk of damaging the corresponding parts of the stove during transport. If it is not possible to remove the individual parts, they should be fixed with the help of tape, cable ties or cords. In a next step, protect the corners of the fireplace with an edge protector. Finally, before you wrap the entire stove with bubble wrap or other padding, any cavities should also be stuffed – for example, with blankets or Styrofoam.

Stove transport: our service for you

Stove transports are despite all requirements for our moving company in Bremen an easy task: As a heavy haulage company we take on the literal load of your stove during transport and thus bring it safely into your new home with combined forces and comprehensive know-how. For this we offer you:

  • a competent team with more than 25 years of experience with heavy moving goods such as stoves, storage tanks, boilers, machines, and compressors
  • all logistics from one source
  • an innovative fleet of machinery including external elevators and lifts for any kind of heavy cargo transports
  • high-quality packaging materials and special carrying straps
  • and a comprehensive range of relocation services and additional services, for example for the disassembly and reassembly of the chimney

Stove transport with Umzüge Mansholt

A stove should ideally be transported in a vertical position. In order to be able to move and load it as easily as possible, it should be able to be moved underneath, so ideally it should be placed on a pallet or squared timber. Nevertheless, the weight of the stove during transport should not be underestimated. Therefore, make sure you know exactly how much it weighs so that the required number of movers can lend a hand. To minimize the risks for your helpers or the stove during transport, it is best to contact a professional moving company. This company has both the knowledge regarding stove transports and the necessary equipment. This includes lift trucks, elevators, and stair climbers, as well as stable tension straps to keep the stove from moving during transport. With appropriate equipment such as these, moving companies ensure that your fireplace finds its safe way out, even down narrow staircases and along narrow paths. Likewise, the right vehicles for stove transport as well as professional load securing speak for a moving company.

So get in touch with Umzüge Mansholt if you are interested in having a stove transported as part of your move. We are aware of our responsibility and take the necessary safety precautions conscientiously. In addition, we will assist you with disassembly and reassembly of your fireplace, which will always be carried out by our team in accordance with the applicable requirements of authorities and local building regulations.