Storing files and books with Umzüge Mansholt

Be it during a company relocation or for the relocation of an office complex, be it short-term for a few days or planned for a much longer term; one of the services provided by Umzüge Mansholt is file storage, which we carry out just as professionally as all other services relating to your relocation.

Ein Mansholt Umzugswagen vor einem hohen Bürogebäude

Archiving service and file storage

We store your files and books in a container or protected against environmental influences on pallets in pallet racking, just as you wish. You don’t need to worry about archiving either. File storage by our expert team includes an effective archiving service that guarantees structured storage and retrieval. Our employees have years of relevant experience with file storage – including with the files and books of the Oldenburg State Library.

File storage with your moving company

Not only is it possible to store your files and books temporarily for a short period of time, but we are also happy to manage long-term file storage for you. Your files are absolutely secure and protected with us. The costs incurred depend on the type and scope of the file storage and archiving service. We at Umzüge Mansholt will be happy to inform and advise you on all these points. Just get in touch with us!