Eine Reihe von weißen Mansholt-Containern mit Aufschrift für welche Art von Müll sie gedacht sind

Professional disposal of your furniture

Our additional services go beyond the pure relocation service. As a moving company, we take care of the disposal of your items. Whether furniture, kitchen utensils or other items that you no longer need, we dispose of them professionally. Especially when clearing out, the pile of unneeded items becomes large and quickly exceeds the space you have available in your vehicle. But even when you move, for example to a smaller home, some furniture becomes redundant or this can be taken as an opportunity to finally sort out that 20-year-old shelf. But what to do with the old furniture? Disposal is not always easy, especially when it comes to bulky items. Save yourself the inconvenience of having to dispose of your old items and hire Umzüge Mansholt to dispose of them for you. We will provide you with a container and take care of the collection and proper sorting of the disposed items.

Disposing of furniture: a job for Umzüge Mansholt

Disposing of or selling unused furniture as part of your move means additional stress. Especially if the disposal does not fit into your schedule. If the registered bulky waste can only be collected after the move or the capacity of the existing vehicle is not sufficient to drive to the recycling center, then hire Umzüge Mansholt to dispose of your furniture. By providing a container, we deliver the disposal of your furniture directly to your front door. You tell our staff which furniture you want to dispose of and we provide the manpower to fill the container with your furniture in a professional manner. At the same time, we will sort the furniture properly so that the contents of the container can be properly disposed of afterwards. So nothing stands in the way of a stress-free move.

Ein roter Kipp-Computer füllt einen roten Abfallcontainer mit Müll

Your moving company for the disposal of items

Hire Umzüge Mansholt for your move, whether it’s a private relocation or a company relocation. On request, we can provide you with a container and take care of the disposal of your old items. Contact us for a no-obligation quote to discuss the details of your move, including the disposal of your old furniture.