Moving help for seniors from Umzüge Mansholt

For seniors citizen, moving is a special challenge. For this reason, Umzüge Mansholt offers moving assistance for seniors that meets all the needs of our elderly customers. Our goal is to fully assist senior citizens with their move so that you don’t have to worry about anything yourself. When moving elderly people, our team of qualified professionals takes special consideration of each individual situation. To ensure this, we make a free visit to your home in advance of the move and provide you with comprehensive advice on indicated offers for your personal circumstances. We will draw up a transparent cost plan for you, with price efficiency and service orientation as our top priorities. Therefore, choose Umzüge Mansholt for a move for a senior citizens and soon enjoy the comfort of your new living space.

Moving for seniors: your benefits, our services

Moving assistance for senior citizens from Umzüge Mansholt ensures a stress-free move for a relaxed start to your new chapter in life. Thanks to our all-round service for seniors during the move, we join forces to ensure smooth organization and execution. Your senior move is of course insured with us and includes the following additional services, among others:

  • free inventory, consultation, and quotation
  • packing and unpacking service of glasses and dishes
  • disassembly and assembly of kitchens and any furniture
  • disassembly and reassembly of lamps
  • dowel work, for example for wardrobes, shelves, and curtain rods
  • heavy load transport, for example for instruments and bulky pieces of furniture
  • provision of all kinds of packing materials
  • secure packing of electronic items and art artifacts
  • storage of clothing
  • archiving of files and documents
  • disposal of garbage
  • storage and temporary storage of personal belongings

Senior citizen moving? Hire Umzüge Mansholt!

A move becomes a walk in the park for senior citizens when you have Umzüge Mansholt at your side. While we pack and haul boxes, dismantle and reassemble your belongings, you can confidently put your feet up. You can look forward to seeing your old belongings shining in new splendor in your new surroundings. Meanwhile, we’ll take care of all the work that usually comes with moving for seniors. For example, we can take care of disposing of items you no longer need. In this way, you will start all over again without any old items.

With many years of experience with private moves, we know what is important when moving senior citizens. Therefore, we help you to transport your property safely and to store them temporarily if necessary. This is especially useful for large and heavy pieces of furniture that may not be able to be dismantled. Important pieces of equipment that are linked to institutions such as social services, for example, are in safe hands with our friendly team. We will, of course, pack them carefully and set them up again for you in the new apartment. This means that senior citizens will have everything ready to use immediately after the move. So let us take care of the logistics for you, convince yourself of our service and arrive comfortably in your new home.