Machinery relocation

Safe machinery relocation – from site to site

Efficient machinery relocation is of great importance for a production company. If machines are relocated within a plant – for example because a hall is being rebuilt – or the company is moving to a new location, time and precision are enormously important. That is why you can rely on the experience of Umzüge Mansholt. For years we have been acting as a reliable heavy transport company and take care of your machine relocation accordingly. Thus, the reassembly, transport and disassembly will be carried out safely and quickly, so that you can use the machines again after a short time.

Our services for machinery relocation

In the course of production relocation we offer the following services:

  • inspection, consultation, and planning in advance
  • disassembly of the production lines
  • internal transport (repositioning/intermediate storage)
  • alignment of the plant
  • reassembly
  • connection to all media

Machinery relocation with Umzüge Mansholt

Rely on moving with Umzüge Mansholt for your production relocation. Within factory halls, between individual buildings or between different locations – we reliably move your machinery from A to B. Thanks to our extensive know-how and the appropriate equipment, we are able to transport the large structures safely and quickly. Since we discuss the repositioning with you in advance, you know the planned sequence of the machine relocation, while we know exactly what to look out for. Due to numerous commercial relocations as well as company relocations, we have a lot of experience with heavy transports. Challenging tasks such as piano transport, heavy goods transport or even production relocation are handled by us with all our routine.