Storage rooms – the ideal solution for everyone who needs more space

Whenever more space is needed than is available during or after the relocation, it makes sense to rent a storage room from Umzüge Mansholt. Furniture and other removal goods are stored here temporarily and without a lot of bureaucracy until they are needed again by the owner. The costs for this are completely independent of whether it is a private relocation or a company relocation. When we store your removal goods, the decisive factor is the size of the rented storage space and the duration of the rental period.

Ein Gang, rechts und links gehen Lagerräume ab

When does it make sense to rent storage rooms?

  • Keeping instead of throwing away – things such as furniture or other items often have a much higher sentimental value than material value. You may not need them every day, but you can’t and don’t want to part with them.
  • Two singles move in together as a couple – two single apartments are combined into a two-person apartment… sounds romantic, but also causes problems, because almost everything in the home is now “double content” – but only needed once.
  • The new apartment is much nicer, much cheaper, much more modern or better laid out – but has one less room. Where to put the furniture from the now missing room?
  • A new professional challenge in another city is waiting – or not waiting, as there is no time to look for an apartment before starting work. So you initially rent a room as an interim solution and have to store the furniture until a suitable apartment is found.

There are all these and many more reasons to rent a storage unit from Umzüge Mansholt.

The storage rooms at our place in Ganderkesee

We at Umzüge Mansholt are equipped with everything that is important for a modern moving company. We also have sufficient storage space to cover any requirements that may arise.

In the municipality of Ganderkesee, there are over 60 storage rooms with an average volume of 20 to 25 cubic meters in a central warehouse. Most of these storage rooms have side lengths of 2.5 or 3 meters, which is important to consider for cupboard walls and other very large furniture. The delivery, dismantling and storage of the removal goods for both private and company removals is part of our service.

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For storing removal goods we recommend storage rooms

If you want to play it safe when storing or temporarily storing your home furnishings and equipment, then opt for one of the storage units of your trusted moving company: Umzüge Mansholt. The storage rooms in the warehouse offer optimum security for the stored goods. They are protected against theft and the effects of the weather. Only you and our specialist staff have access and the rooms are monitored around the clock. We also have the necessary equipment and fleet of vehicles to stack and store your goods carefully, space-savingly, and professionally.

If you would like to rent storage rooms in which you can store your goods, please contact our team at Umzüge Mansholt. We will provide you with comprehensive advice and calculate the costs involved. Do not hesitate to inform our competent staff of any special requests you may have. We will certainly find a solution for your private or company relocation.