Some of our transports within Germany and Europe are regularly recurring transports, such as furniture transports, which are planned on a long-term basis. The truck carrying out the transport is not always fully utilized with the respective load. In such cases, you can book your move with us as an additional load, or additional cargo. You don’t have to live in the same street as the actual client, or even in the same city – but it shouldn’t be too much of a detour from the actual transport. It must also be clarified in advance whether the available space is sufficient for your additional load of furniture or other items.

Blick ins Innere eines Umzugswagens mit einem Packer. Etwas freier Platz ist noch vorhanden

An offer from Umzüge Mansholt

In order to save costs, the Mansholt moving company offers you the opportunity to use the space left free on trucks that are not fully utilized for regularly recurring transports to have furniture or other goods transported to your destination as an inexpensive additional cargo.

Conditions for additional cargo:

  • only possible for recurring journeys
  • flexible in terms of time
  • order volume must be matching
  • proximity to the order location

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If your order is not fixed in time, you may be able to save yourself higher costs of transporting your own furniture or other goods by booking the transportation of your furniture or your boxes or other removal goods as a side load with another transport from Umzüge Mansholt. In the case of additional cargo, all parameters are very individual. The time frame, the location and, last but not least, the cost factor must be planned from request to request. Therefore, please contact one of our customer advisors by e-mail or telephone to discuss the details. We will do our best to provide you with an offer that is suitable for you and your furniture transport, so that you can have your goods transported as an additional cargo by Umzüge Mansholt.