Storage of relocation goods

We offer you a convenient package for the storage of relocation goods, because if you want to store furniture or other goods, they are in good hands in our numerous storage rooms. For furniture storage alone, you already have numerous options with our moving company. If, for example, you are planning a renovation of your home and the furniture has to be moved, storage in a swap container is an excellent, flexible solution. At the same time, we take care of the conscientious archiving of company files if you have a company relocation coming up. Pallet storage is also an option, which we can properly accommodate in our large warehouses in the event of a company relocation, for example. So nothing stands in the way of your furniture storage. Find out more about how we can store or temporarily store your relocation.

Furniture storage: your options

Furniture storage is the most common type of storage in connection with a move. We take care of everything from A to Z: from preparing an offer to our proven packing and unpacking service. You can store your furniture with us in many different ways. Choose the type of furniture storage that best fits your needs.

Variants of furniture storage:

  • lockable exchangeable containers or storage rooms
  • 20 foot containers
  • 10 foot containers
  • self-storage rooms

Furniture storage: Your options

  • preparation of clear storage offers and contracts
  • obtaining storage insurance
  • collection of the relocation goods
  • packing and storage of your stored goods
  • marking of your stored goods
  • pick-up and delivery service
  • removal from storage and return delivery of your stored goods


Self-storage rooms are an increasingly popular option when it comes to storing furniture. You can rent the necessary self-storage rooms from us and store your furniture in 20 cubic metres of space during our business hours. Alternatively, we take care of the furniture storage for you if you prefer an all-round service. Self-storage rooms are an excellent solution if you do not have your own storage rooms such as a cellar, an attic, or a garage that you can use for that purpose.

Self-storage services:

  • 20 cubic metres rooms
  • can be rented on a monthly basis
  • self-storage during our business hours
  • pick-up and delivery service for your stored goods

10 foot container / mobile storage box

Our 10-foot containers are our smallest mobile storage units and can easily be parked on your doorstep with a car trailer. These smaller containers are an ideal opportunity to provide temporary storage for a renovation or independent storage by the customer.

Container storage / overseas container

Container storage is an extremely practical and flexible way to store furniture. It is particularly useful because it saves you the trouble of handling it twice. In our 37 cubic meter containers, you can simply store your furniture once and remove it again. For this reason, container storage is perfect for you if you are renovating your home and would like to store your household goods or if you need temporary storage due to a new building.

Services for file archiving:

  • 37 cubic metres containers
  • movable containers: storage unit right on your doorstep
  • container collection and delivery service
  • can be rented on a monthly basis

Swap body

Swap bodies or swap containers offer the advantage that we can practically put them down directly from the lorry to avoid reloading. This saves costs and decreases the risk of damage, because we don’t have to move the furniture again at the warehouse. We can place the container or “bridge” in a warehouse and pick up another empty one for the next day.

Pallet storage

We take care of pallet storage for you both on a short-term and long-term basis. Our storage facilities are ideally suited for the correct storage of a diverse range of goods and offer enough space to store large quantities. We have the appropriate machines to carefully store your inventory.

Services within pallet storage:

  • collection of the pallets from you
  • marking of your pallets
  • pick-up and delivery service
  • removal from storage and return delivery of your pallets

Individual requests / industrial storage

Are you planning a storage solution that doesn’t fit into our standard categories? Then you are probably still in the right place because we provide comprehensive storage solutions for a diverse range of customers that are precisely customised to our customers’ requirements. Contact us if you are confronted with a transport or storage problem. We have a large logistical network and the capacity to offer comprehensive services!

Furniture storage and more at Umzüge Mansholt

Are you interested in furniture storage or would you like to store or temporarily store your move? Perhaps you are renovating your home, simply need more space or have received an inheritance. Regardless of the reason why you want to move or store furniture or whether you are looking for a storage option – we have the right solution for you. At Umzüge Mansholt from Ganderkesee near Bremen, you will find a wide range of options that we can take on for you. Convince yourself of our full service and contact us using the form below. Our friendly and competent team will be happy to advise you.