Storage containers are the answer to many questions

With any type of relocation, whether it is a private relocation or a company or public authority relocation, it can always happen that temporary storage of furniture, appliances or files becomes necessary. Perhaps moving dates overlap, renovation work has not been completed on time or certain new furniture has not yet been delivered by the manufacturer – there are many reasons for temporary storage. In these cases, it often makes sense to rent a storage container instead of simply renting storage space in a warehouse, as is usually the case. What are the advantages of renting storage containers instead of storage space?

Lagercontainer auf Stützen abgestellt, Ansicht von schräg vorn

Furniture storage: These are your options

In general, you can have a storage container set up anywhere. If you have the space for a storage container on your company premises or on your property, we will deliver it to the site and you will have free access to the stored goods at any time of day or night. The transportation routes from the building to the storage container are also accordingly short. We can transport the filled container to the new destination or another location of your choice at any time.

Another option is to place a storage container next to your doorstep or on your premises for a few days so that it can be loaded at your leisure and without the hectic of moving day. The loaded container can then be driven to our warehouses in Ganderkesee, where it is stowed in our specially designed container yard using a forklift truck.

You are also on the flexible side when it comes to the size of the storage container. The Mansholt removal company has storage containers in two different sizes:

  1. 20 feet (six meters) High Cube with a capacity of 37 cubic meters
  2. 10 feet (three meters) container with a capacity of 15 cubic meters

The variants are standardized and can be combined and stacked with each other. A suitable fleet of vehicles is available for their transportation. The large High Cubes are transported by 18-ton truck and trailer, while we use a car trailer for the 10-feet container. Of course, we also provide specialist staff.

Some good reasons for renting a storage container:

  • you determine the storage location
  • various sizes to choose from
  • standardized dimensions, can be combined with each other
  • mobile – can be retrieved and relocated at any time
  • compact, protected storage
  • only you have access
  • loading and unloading by your moving company or by yourself
  • transportation by your moving company
  • relaxed loading and unloading without time pressure
Lagercontainer auf Stützen abgestellt, Ansicht von der Seite

Storage in the storage container

Inside the storage container, you have an option that you don’t have when renting just storage space: You can equip the storage container with an interior that meets the requirements of the goods to be stored. For example, shelves can be fitted in the container to store books or files. Under certain circumstances, it is just as possible to fit electrical installations for ventilation or lighting, for example, as it is to hermetically close and seal the container.

The moving company Mansholt at your side

As you can see, as many reasons and requirements there are for temporary storage during removals, we offer just as many options for renting the right storage containers. Depending on your needs, this may be the more practical option than renting storage space – and of course this would also be possible with your moving company Mansholt.

If you are interested in renting a storage container for your move, or renting a storage room or storage space, contact the competent team at Umzüge Mansholt. We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have and work with you to find the ideal solution for your private removal, company removal or warehouse removal.