Cost-effective and space-saving: pallet storage

Pallet storage is a widely used storage method because it combines cost savings, space savings and accessibility of the stored goods. However, storage on pallets is not yet a widely known option for removals. Pallet storage is less suitable for private relocations than for company relocations, when materials, equipment or furniture need to be packed separately for temporary storage before, during or after the move.

There are many reasons for having to store certain goods as part of a move. For example, if there is less space available in the future than before. In this case, pallet storage is the ideal temporary solution. Or if certain, space-consuming goods would hinder the processes so much during the move that it is advisable to get them “out of the way” for a while. Or if a hall or building complex is not yet completed at the time of the move, storing these goods after the move may be the only option.

Blick auf einen Stapel Europaletten, der in den blauen Himmel ragt

Our service: pallet storage

The pallets that can be used for pallet storage are also called Euro pallets and their dimensions are standardized. In order to store these pallets cost-effectively and efficiently, there are special pallet racks adapted to the standard dimensions. Umzüge Mansholt has around 50 meters of these pallet racks, into which your pallets are placed in such a way that each pallet is freely accessible at all times and can be removed without having to move adjacent pallets.

Whether you opt for short-term, medium-term or long-term pallet storage, we have the space to meet your needs. We can store parts or your entire move by packing moving boxes on the pallets or, for example, furniture. Your removal goods are stored in the pallet racks without external pressure and, of course, protected from the weather.

Umzüge Mansholt: if you need a relocation with temporary storage

Our team at Umzüge Mansholt will be happy to inform you about your options for using the pallet storage service from Umzüge Mansholt, about possible costs and other interesting facts. We will calculate the costs involved and provide you with comprehensive advice. Of course, we also offer this service to private customers. Please contact us!